First Degree Assault: Not Guilty Jury Verdict

Statutory Sodomy: Hung Jury, Case Dismissed

Burglary, Armed Criminal Action: Dismissed

Felony Unlawful Use of a Weapon: Reduced to Misdemeanor

Drug Trafficking: Probation, No Conviction

Drug Distribution: Probation, No Conviction

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(314) 456-4567I am a 48 year old St. Louis criminal defense lawyer serving the St. Louis area in state, local and federal court.  Since 1994, I have represented many in complex and serious criminal charges.  I practice throughout the state on serious criminal offenses including drug charges, sex offenses, child pornography, assault, and more.  I am licensed in both state and federal court as well as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  I have a lengthy track record of trial victories and favorable plea bargains that have earned me the respect of judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys.

Latest News

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    Some follow up thoughts on my interview regarding Missouri’s Castle Doctrine and the Ferguson grand jury announcement. Read here>>>
  • Not Guilty Jury Verdict
    A St. Louis City jury found defendant K.B. not guilty after deliberating for less than one hour. The Defendant had been accused of first degree assault and armed criminal action and faced life in prison. Richard Lozano represented the defendant.
  • Hung Jury, Case Dismissed
    A St. Louis City jury voted 8-4 to acquit defendant A.J. of seven counts of sodomy. The State dismissed all charges. Richard Lozano represented the defendant.

Winning Your Case

I understand and appreciate what you are experiencing. I take pride in taking a difficult set of facts and achieving excellent results.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be difficult. Some attorneys practice in many areas of law. I limit my practice to criminal defense. I have an excellent track record, extensive experience in serious criminal cases and a long line of very satisfied clients. I bring a deep desire to obtain the best possible outcome to all of my cases.

If you are first and foremost concerned about your future, let’s talk.

What you are facing may have lifelong implications. Let’s work this problem together. Call me at 314-456-4567 for a free, immediate consultation.

I look at each case in terms of whether I achieved a favorable result. What is considered a favorable result is subjective and depends on your particular circumstances. Some cases need to be managed to a soft landing. Others need to be taken to the mat. I frequently see attorneys who dabble in criminal law, putting their clients’ lives and futures in jeopardy. I am frequently called by people who want a second opinion before they take a deal that their attorney is pushing. I commonly see people who are about to make a big mistake because their attorney doesn’t know the difference between a great deal, a good deal, and a bad deal.

Here’s why some attorneys get better results than others:

Experience The more you do something, the better you get. I limit my law practice to criminal defense. I am before the same judges and prosecutors on a daily basis. As a result, I can quickly assess a case, advise on what to expect, and craft a solution.

Working the case Every criminal case needs to be worked. This means the State’s evidence must be scrutinized and evaluated for strengths and weaknesses. Only then can a defense attorney present a solution to the State and/or court that will result in a favorable outcome.

Knowing the tendencies of a particular judge or prosecutor Having a point of reference is a tremendous tool in crafting a solution whether it is related to a bond or a plea. If a judge or prosecutor has agreed to a solution in the past, then it is likely they will agree to it in the future. An inexperienced attorney without this point of reference may not understand the difference between a good and a bad outcome.

Creativity Judges tend to want cases resolved. A creative solution can open the door so they can walk on through. I recently presented a solution to a judge on a felony probation revocation in which the defendant had absconded for several years. The prosecutor wanted a seven year prison sentence. The case concerned child support. I understand that child support cases are simply heavy-handed collection actions and they can be completely solved by money. I offered an aggressive payment plan. The judge accepted my solution, reinstated the Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS, no criminal conviction), and soon after terminated probation.

Knowing when to plea and knowing when to go to the mat As a criminal defense attorney, my job is to get the best possible choices before my clients and to educate them thoroughly on the likely outcomes and risks. Sometimes cases need to be tried. This may be due to professional considerations or because the likely sentence is severe. I first get the best possible choices before my clients. I then help assess each path and weigh the risks, costs, and benefits.

Keeping focused on the objective Problem solving is an important part of practicing law. One of the first things I do when analyzing a case is I determine best case, worst case, and likely case scenarios. I work with my client in discussing their situation, agree on what an optimal outcome would be, and then plan a path to achieving that objective. This is critical. Without careful analysis and planning, results come to you whether good or bad. A good lawyer will work a case until either the objective is met or all avenues have been exhausted.

The art of persuasion People often have the misperception that it is the tough talking, big mouth lawyer who gets the best results. In reality, those attorneys alienate themselves and harm their clients. A good attorney brings decision makers their way. Criminal defense attorneys often do not control the outcome of a criminal case. However, they can have a substantial and dramatic influence. Ultimately, they must have cooperation in order to achieve an excellent result whether it’s from the prosecution, the judge, or a jury.

Hard work I hustle. I like to win and I put in the work necessary to get there.


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Criminal Defense Attorney
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